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Receive expert orthodontic treatment from an experienced staff

Efficient procedures, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident. Low-cost orthodontic services, including braces, retention and adult care. Advanced equipment at a top orthodontic practice. 

Ghosh Orthodontics dental care

Perfecting your smile and straightening your teeth since 1997, Ghosh Orthodontics in Hazleton strives to provide superior dental care to children, adolescents and adults.

We administer personalized treatment that’s tailored to your needs and teeth. By strictly adhering to best practices, regularly updating our technology and equipment, and providing continuous staff training, Ghosh Orthodontics ensures you receive the highest quality care during every visit.

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Pursue expert orthodontic treatment for your best smile

Varied treatment options for child, adolescent and adult teeth. Attentive after-braces care ensures best results long-term. Advanced methods and meticulous procedures. 

Ghosh Orthodontics lab work

Ghosh Orthodontics delivers complete care and superior treatment, no matter your age.With experience catering to all kinds of teeth, Ghosh Orthodontics strives to perfect your smile, as well as rectify other jaw or bite issues.

We know that orthodontic treatment can feel intimidating, so we work hard to deliver affordable care and the most comfortable experience with our well-trained staff. Gosh Orthodontics welcomes questions, and we do our best to keep you informed and at ease throughout all treatment procedures.

After your first appointment, we’ll have a better sense of your dental needs. From there, we will happily guide your through our treatment options and help you make the best decision for your teeth.

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Tailor-fit your braces for the most comfortable experience

Varied range of braces treatment options, including Invisalign, Insignia, and the Damon system. No metal or plastic ties, for less plaque buildup and easy-to-clean teeth. Invisible aligner options, for easy removal and a great look. 

Ghosh Orthodontics braces

Here at Ghosh Orthodontics, we know that every set of teeth is different; not one treatment will suit everyone.With three top treatment options, including Invisalign, Insignia, and the Damon system, Ghosh Orthodontics ensures your teeth receive the personalized care they need.

Since braces can feel like an intimidating prospect, Ghosh Orthodontics provides an encouraging and welcoming environment that makes braces seem like a fun step towards a better smile.

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What happens after my braces are removed?

Once your braces are off, we will provide you with a set of retainers to ensure your teeth stay in place. For the one-year retention process, you will need to come in for the occasional checkup to ensure that your smile stays perfect.


Choose an affordable way to perfect your smile

More comfortable than braces with invisible design and no metal. An affordable way to straighten your teeth. Removable aligner that lets you eat what you want and easily brush your teeth. 

Ghosh Orthodontics invisalign patient

Invisalign is a convenient and affordable way to achieve your best smile.Designed to also correct malocclusions (bad bites) that result from tooth or jaw misalignment, and improve the way you chew, the Invisalign is an easy-to-remove aligner that fits comfortably around your teeth.

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