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Expert orthodontic treatment and advanced equipment. Professional and affordable dental practice. Treating all your orthodontic needs, including braces, retention and adult care. 

Ghosh Orthodontics treatment

Pottsville-based Ghosh Orthodontics is dedicated to perfecting your smile. Providing superior orthodontic dental treatment to children, adolescents and adults, Ghosh Orthodontics has over 20 years of experience attending to orthodontic needs in your community.  We provide expert care always tailored to your teeth through a wide range of popular treatment options. As a highly trusted orthodontic practice, we regularly train staff on the latest orthodontic advancements in technology and equipment. Ensuring we deliver the best treatment every visit. Book an appointment


Treat your teeth well and pursue quality orthodontic care

Diverse braces treatments and retainer options for children and adolescents. Adult care for teeth straightening and realignment. Retention services for after-braces care. 

Ghosh Orthodontics smiles

Administering advanced treatment for every type of teeth, Ghosh Orthodontics works efficiently to help you achieve your very best smile. We want you to feel comfortable during all procedures, and do our best to keep you informed and at ease. While orthodontic treatment might seem like an overwhelming process, our highly trained and caring staff are more than happy to answer questions and respond to your concerns. During your first appointment with Ghosh Orthodontics, we’ll complete a teeth examination, painless x-rays, and ask general questions about your health. After your initial visit, we will have a better understanding of you and your dental needs. Are you ready to start the process? Book an appointment


Get advanced braces treatments tailored to your dental needs

Personalized braces treatment options, including Invisalign, Insignia, and the Damon system. Fitted braces molded to your teeth type. Easy-to-remove and invisible aligner options. 

Ghosh Orthodontics braces

Your teeth are different from our last patient, and that’s why we have a diverse range of affordable braces treatment options. Here’s a quick overview of each: Invisalign An affordable and comfortable alternative to braces, slipping easily over your teeth. The Invisalign is also invisible, so no one can tell you’re wearing it. Insignia Sophisticated imaging software creates a 3D representation of your bite, enabling Ghosh Orthodontics to custom-design highly personalized braces. Spend less time wearing braces and enjoy the exceptionally comfortable experience. Damon system Described as a revolutionary orthodontic treatment, the Damon system puts less pressure on your teeth during treatment and delivers an overall comfortable braces experience. With no metal or plastic ties, your teeth also benefit from less plaque buildup. It will also be easier to keep your teeth clean. Book an appointment


Care for your teeth with an easy-to-remove aligner

Efficiently perfects your smile, without the need for braces. An affordable aligner, with an invisible design and no metal. Easily slips on and off, so you can keep eating your favorite foods. 

Ghosh Orthodontics invisalign

Designed as an affordable alternative to braces, as well as a more comfortable and convenient dental care treatment, Invisalign is an invisible and easy-to-remove aligner. As one of our three treatment options, Invisalign gently repositions, straightens and realigns your teeth to gradually perfect your smile. Is Invisalign right for you? Book an appointment

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