My Awesome Experience in Pottsville, Pennsylvania (PA)

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There is a lot to do in Pottsville, PA. I didn’t know this little gem was tucked away in the great state. Traveling is something that many in my family have enjoyed for some time, so it made sense that I would go on my own adventures. I visited a few areas before getting to Pottsville and none thrilled me as much.

The Pottsville Difference

It is kind of hard to explain the difference between Pottsville and some of the other little towns out there. Sure, colorful and descriptive language can help, but nothing can compare to the actual experience, but I hope that my words are enticing enough. For one, the people in this quaint town greet you but actually mean it. People here want to know you and ask how you are doing because you matter. This is drastically different than what I’m used to, coming from a big city.

One of the first places I visited was the Hope Hill Lavender Farm, which is the heart of the town. I was not sure what to expect, except a little lavender, but the place is much bigger than I thought. It is owned by Wendy and Troy Jochems; these people are truly passionate about lavender. I could smell the intoxicating scent miles away and see an ocean of lavender as I approached the farm.

It seemed like the couple was destined to have a lavender farm. She loves gardening, and he wanted to produce something using organic material. The entire farm is a labor of love and uses only American made tools, making it a great stop for anyone. There are four species grown in the farm, which are the Provence, Grosso, Hidcote, and the Munstead. At the moment, there are well over 1500 plants throughout the farm, and it is truly spectacular to see.

Of course, I did visit many little bistros and eateries around the town, but another place that stood out for me was the Yuengling Brewery. This sat right between 5th and Mohantongo Street. It is considered the oldest brewery in the United States, and it is still a family owned brewery. I do not not drink often, especially because I know how acidic an alcoholic brew can be. Of course, a little beer won’t hurt but too much can damage the enamel and lead to stains, which my orthodontist is not going to love. Needless to say, I went into this brewery with eyes wide open and told myself I would not overindulge.

The tour was enlightening, and it went over the brewery’s history since 1829. It also shared how it survived the Prohibition period in the country and how beer was distributed by horse-drawn wagons. The brewers also talked about how more Americans are loving the idea of purchasing beer from specialty brewers rather than large companies, which is good news for this company and many other aspiring brewers out there. I have to admit that there is a lot to discover and smile about in Pottsville, PA, so this town is going into my ‘Places to Come Back to’ file.

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