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The Damon Braces are a revolutionary breakthrough in orthodontic treatment. This system has a unique “sliding door” bracket that allows the wire to slide more freely so your teeth will move more comfortably during treatment. The Damon brackets are self-ligating so you will feel less pressure on your teeth and have an overall more comfortable treatment experience.

You will get great comfort, style, efficiency and performance with the Damon System. The Damon Brace does not require the use of elastic or metal ties. That means there is less plaque buildup and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean.

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What Our Patients Have to Say

Shane Melaugh

“Ghosh orthodontics gives five-star service every visit during your treatment. This doctor and his staff are amazing and not only gave my daughter the perfect smile but gave her self confidence that will last a lifetime. I feel he is by far the best orthodontist and will deliver the perfect smile for your child. Dr. Ghosh and his staff are so professional and friendly you feel welcome and appreciated every time you walk through their door! Thank You Ghosh Orthodontics!”

- Melanie Fay

Shane Melaugh

“Our family dentist referred both my daughters to Dr. Ghosh a few years ago. We are very pleased with the care and treatment plans they are receiving. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and the technology is top notch. Having braces normally isn't a pleasant experience. However, they do their very best to make it one.”

- Amanda Rymarkiewicz

About Us - Who We Are

For 20 years, Dr. Sam Ghosh and his skilled team have treated patients to the highest standards, using the most advanced and precise brace technologies. “My goal is to achieve the best result in the most efficient and comfortable manner,” Dr. Ghosh says. “By treating conservatively and comprehensively, we minimize orthodontic intervention so braces are on for the shortest possible duration.”


Ghosh Orthodontics
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