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Invisalign – A better solution for your teeth

Everyone wants their teeth to look not only white but also aligned. So if you are deciding to get Invisalign, you should know the following characteristics about it.

A major characteristic of Invisalign is that it is actually transparent and this makes it easier for patients to choose to align their teeth. These braces camouflage with the teeth and therefore they are not much noticeable, which makes the wearer feel more confident.

Another great feature about Invisalign is that they can be removed. Gone are the days when people used to struggle with their braces fixed on their teeth. This feature allows the patients to use them more conveniently as unlike braces, it is not much painful.

Invisalign can treat your teeth if they are crooked or crowded, teeth with gaps and also if you have an open bite, underbite or overbite teeth. However, they might be suitable for extreme cases. So, if you have teeth issues that aren’t so severe, getting Invisalign through Orthodontist Pottsville would be great.

What makes Invisalign better than ceramic or metal braces is that they are much smooth and comfortable. They do not have edges or bits that will hurt your gums or mouth like metal braces.

If you decide to wear metal braces, you might expect the treatment to last long as compared to Invisalign. There is no trial and error like metal braces and in fact, they are designed through a computerized system due to which it takes less time for your teeth to get treated.

You should keep in mind that Invisalign should be removed while you are eating or drinking. This might look like a downside, but at least it is not much inconvenient like ceramic braces which can give pain to you when fixed newly. You should also take them off while you brush or floss your teeth and do not wear more than 22 hours a day.

If you want your teeth to get treated in a better way, come and consult the doctor at Orthodontist Pottsville. To know more about Invisalign, you can visit us!