Parts of BracesGhosh Orthodontics


The bands are the bands of metal that are cemented into place on the tooth. They provide a handle that is used to control each tooth.


Typically used to attach the rubber bands or elastics, the hooks are attachments that are used to apply force to the individual teeth or the archwire.


The archwire is the primary wire of the braces that fits within the brackets and provides the bulk of the pressure required to reposition the teeth. It also serves as a track for your teeth to move across.

Rubber Band

Rubber bands are used to correct different types of bites. Also referred to as elastics, they are an essential component of braces.


The brackets are the attachments that carry the force of the archwire to your teeth. They are bonded directly onto the teeth.

Coil Spring

The coil spring goes over the archwire and fits between the brackets. They are used to create space.