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Not only have you been told that you need braces, but you also heard from your dentist that you may have to have a retainer after your treatment has been completed. You may feel like you will have to care for your teeth for the rest of your life. That is true in a way but you will not need braces or a retainer forever. Just in case you need to wear one of these retainers, you should know specific instructions on how to use and care for your retainer.

A retainer is definitely not like wearing braces. A retainer will have to be fit to perfection on your teeth. If you feel as though it is a little loose and might fall out, then you would need to speak with your orthodontist to see if they can tighten it for you. The reason why it can become loose is because you take it out so much. You have to take it out when you eat and when you brush your teeth. For most people, that is several times a day.

When you do take your retainer out for certain reasons, make sure you put it in a safe place. A great way to keep it safe is to purchase a container for it and keep that container in your purse or in your pocket once your retainer is put inside. The best way to make sure you have it with you at all times is to put it back in when you have finished eating or brushing your teeth.

There are also special instructions you need to follow when cleaning your retainer. If you do not clean it, it will start to look old and you could also taste everything you had to eat that day in your mouth. To clean your retainer, you will need to put it in a small bowl of Listerine and soak it every night. Most people let it soak over night since you do not need to wear it while you are sleeping. Other people soak it for about thirty minutes to an hour and let it dry overnight. You can ask your orthodontist which method he or she will recommend you do.

If your orthodontist takes a look at your teeth after your braces have been removed and would like you to wear a retainer, now you know how to use it and care for it to make sure it does not get lost or accidentally thrown away. Make sure you come to get fitted for your retainer Allentown office today.