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Here are a few things to remember about your retainer:
  1. The retainer MUST be worn EXACTLY as instructed. Retainers are usually worn on a full time basis during the first year. Wearing time may then be gradually reduced. It will not be necessary to visit the office as often as when you had braces but this does not mean the retention phase of treatment is unimportant!
  2. Your retainer may have a funny taste at first; this should go away in about a day. You can dip the retainer in mouthwash if the taste bothers you. You will also find that you have more saliva than usual. This will begin to lessen in about a day as well. Your speech may also be affected. We have found that the tongue quickly adapts to the retainer and your speech will return to normal within a few days. pic
  3. The retainer must be kept clean. This is best done by brushing it with antibacterial liquid hand soap and your toothbrush. Use cold water – never use hot water or alcohol on your retainer! This can distort the retainer and cause it not to fit properly. You will need to keep you retainer in your case when it is not in your mouth. This will prevent it from being misplaced, lost or destroyed. If your retainer is broken or lost you will need to have it replaced. Please call the office to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. It is also important that you bring your retainer to all appointments.
  4. Our original treatment fee includes active treatment, one set of retainers and one year of the retention phase. Once your active retention period has ended, retainer checks are no longer necessary. If you need to return to our office for a check up or need to replace a worn, damaged or lost retainer – we will be happy to see you. However, there will be a fee for this service.
  5. The only way to maintain tooth alignment is with permanent guidance or lifetime retention. This means you will wear a removable retainer a few nights a week, forever. Retainers must be used on both upper and lower jaws.